Attendee Profile

Personnel from DoD Labs, U.S. Military Commands, Federal Government Agencies, and Academia involved in facilitating technology-based options for advanced materials and manufacturing processes with titles such as:

Materials Research Engineer, Material Scientist, Integrated Computational Materials Engineer, Lightweight Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Materials Labs Testing Technician, Materials and Processing Engineer, Director-Composites Research and Development, Senior Engineer-Coatings and Additive Manufacturing, Structures Lab Technician, Logistics Sustainment Analyst, Materials Analyst, Fabrication Technician, Aerospace Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Systems Engineer, Research Scientist, Propulsion Engineer, Mineral Commodity Specialist, Corrosion Engineer, Principal Technologist, Hypersonic Research Engineer, Administrator of Strategic Materials, Program Leader-Advanced Materials, Manager – Manufacturing Innovation, Chief Engineer, Logistics and Sustainment / LM Fellow, Technology Director, Senior Campaign Scientist for Materials.